There are a lot of fantastic things that start with the letter “B” – birthdays, board games, burgers, beers and, of course, bowling.

When the lights go down, the drinks start flowing, and the crowd starts enjoying the benefits that the bar of 710 North Myrtle Beach has to offer, this is when the games really begin. Our full bar offers some of the tastiest drinks in town and some of the best happy hour specials. And you know what that means… time for bowling drinking games.

Gather your crew, pack up your peeps, and challenge your friends to some of the greatest fun that South Carolina has to offer. Beer pong may be challenging, drunken darts may be a good time (and probably a bad idea), but drinking games combined with good people and bowling is where the real fun’s at.

Need a game idea? You got it… Here is a favorite to get you started:

Booze Bowling 101

For each frame (there are 10 in a game) players will drink according to how many pins are left standing. For those drinking mixed drinks it is a sip for each, for those drinking beer or wine, it is a second for each. 7 pins left standing = 7 sips or seconds. This rule is only the beginning…

Strikes and Splits

Anytime a player gets a strike or picks up a split they now have the power to make any player of their choice take 10 sips or 10 seconds.

When a player gets two strikes in a row they have the power to make any player of their choice take 20 sips or 20 seconds, but that’s not all, they also get to make up a random rule. This rule cannot be directed at a single individual and is in effect until another player gets 2 strikes in a row.

Domino Effect

If your bowling skills land you three strikes in a row you now get to be domino player number one. All players line up according to their current scores, highest to lowest, except the player who bowled three strikes, regardless of what their current score is, they will always start. Each player has a full drink in their hand and the first person (the three striker) starts to drink…

They choose how long they want to drink for and as soon as they put down their drink, the next person may do the same, and so on and so forth all the way down the line until each player is done.

Name It

If at any time during the game two people have the same score, the person with the current highest score gets to pick a category. For example, movies that start with the letter “M,” a Beatles song, or U.S. Presidents (first and last name). Each player has 10 seconds to answer and those who can’t think of one will take 10 sips or 10 seconds. Obviously, there can be no repeat answers.

Pitcher Perfects

If at any time within one frame all players but one gets a strike, that person must buy a pitcher of beer.

Five is Guys

On the fifth frame, the bowler who gets the lowest pin count must drink 5 sips or 5 seconds.

Six is for Chicks

On the sixth frame, the girl who gets the lowest pin count must drink 6 sips or 6 seconds.

Rhyme for Nine

On the ninth frame, all players stand in a circle. The player with the highest score says a word (no repeats, words that cannot be rhymed with, such as orange, and no proper names). Going clockwise, each player has 10 seconds to think of a word. Players who cannot rhyme drink 9 sips or 9 seconds.

Say What?

At the beginning of the game the group picks a few (it’s your game, you can decide how many) buzz words. For example, nachos, tipsy, drink, or strike. Anytime these words are used that person takes a sip or drinks for 2 seconds.

Party Foul

If at any time a player spills their drink, they must bowl with the opposite arm for the remainder of the game.

End Game

How you end the game is up to you. For example, if you are playing on teams, the losing team buys tacos, or the 3 people with the lowest score take a shot of cinnamon whiskey. Just make sure you decide how you are going to end the game before you begin.

This is just one of many game ideas for booze bowling. If you have some of your own, hit us up on Facebook, Google+, or come in for happy hour and share your bowling drinking games with us while you enjoy one of our delicious cocktails. Let the games begin!