Whether you’re a seasoned dater or someone who is going out for the first time in a while, you will definitely want to make your date night memorable. Great date nights lead to better relationships and interactions, so having the perfect plan is a must. How can you create the perfect date night? There are many ways to do so, and they can vary depending on who’s involved in the date, but some basic steps can help a lot. Here are five tips to help you get started planning your date.

1.      Think about Your Significant Other

While going cow tipping may seem like the best thing in the world to you, it may not appeal to your date whatsoever. Think about what you know about the person you are taking out. Does he or she have the same interests as you? Have they talked about the things they like? Evaluating the likes and dislikes of the person you are dating can help you find the perfect place to go for your date night. It’s also helpful to know if your date has any allergies or phobias. You wouldn’t want to take them to a seafood joint only to learn that they are deathly allergic to crab.

2.      Start Planning Early

Dates planned the night before or on the day it’s supposed to happen never turn out as good as you think. Start your planning early in the game so you can make the appropriate reservations or purchases. The earlier you plan, the better. A well-planned date can make a great impression on someone you’ve just met. You’ll also want to set a time in advance so you’re both on the same page.

3.      Think about The Tone

The tone of your date can affect a lot of your planning. Do you want this to be a more playful date or a more romantic date? The location and activities for your date will be based on this tone. A playful date can start and end in the same place, like a bar or restaurant that has food and activities. A romantic date can start with a candlelit dinner and can end with some stargazing.

4.      Communicate with Your Date

After you’ve made the plans, communicate them to your date, unless you are planning a complete surprise. If something in the lineup just won’t work, it’s better to learn earlier than later. Be open and honest with your date, both before the night starts and during the fun.

5.      Have Fun!

It’s always important to have fun when you’re out with someone you like. Sometimes this can mean spontaneous deviations from your original plan. If you’re eating at a restaurant that has a bowling alley, play a couple of frames. If something obviously isn’t working, change gears and try something different. The whole point of going out with someone is to have fun, and that’s ultimately what will make your date perfect.