Experience Great Gaming at Great Prices

At 710 North Myrtle Beach, you’ll find everything you need for a fun, entertaining, and delicious experience. We have a bar and restaurant to provide food and refreshment while you take advantage of our huge gaming venue.

Ping pong, bocce ball, cornhole and darts are FREE all the time now! Table games can be shared by groups of any size, and our bowling lanes can accommodate groups of up to eight.

What Will You Try Today?

Will you try bowling on our Brunswick Pin machines, with their modern lane surfaces and intelligent scoring system? Maybe you’ll spend some time on one of our 6 billiard tables. If you’d prefer something that you can do while you’re enjoying your food and beverages, you can try your aim on our dart boards or sit back and relax with a classic board game.

This is just a taste of the possibilities, of course. Take a look at some of the links below to discover more about the available games and our affordable rates at 710 North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.



The game we know today as bocce was popular with Roman soldiers looking for a way to kill time in between battles. (At 710, we can only hope their commanders let them do so while sipping on a tasty brew in between rolls, or maybe even sharing a plate of delicious sliders.)

Today, the game is enjoyed by all for its emphasis on strategy and cunning. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing, friendly match or some serious competition, our courts have got you covered (no enlistment necessary).


If a game is any fun at all, you can bet it was illegal at some point. In the early 1900s the wet blankets in the British government outlawed games of chance in all public houses. But a notorious and flamboyant landlord named Foot Anakin had other ideas. He challenged the ruling on legal grounds. When he got his day in court, he set up a board and threw three darts in a row into the 20 segment. The showman then challenged court officials to do the same. When none of them could match his accuracy, the court was forced to rule it was not a game of chance–but one of skill.

If you’ve got the spirit of the gamesman in you, check out our steel tip dart boards!


Table tennis was invented for those who love the competitive spirit of lawn tennis, but also like the comfort of being able to play with a free hand. At 710, we hope you’ll use that free hand for one of our premium mixed drinks, or maybe a slice of flatbread pizza.


A long day of bowling can leave your dogs barking. Grab some of our boiled cajun peanuts, get off your feet, and let your brain do some work. Challenge a friend to chess, Scrabble, backgammon, giant jenga, and more. Wager a round of Tequila Mockingbirds and bring your A-game. Free to use and available every day.

cornhole 710 north myrtle beach


Challenge a friend or two to a free game of cornhole. Known for being played on lawns and at tailgates all across America, 710 has brought this classic pastime to its entertainment venue. Grab a beer, a couple bags of corn, and see who can make it to 21 first.


Prorated to the minute


It’s 15th-century France, and croquet is the game of the day. But when a grudge match between two feuding houses is rained out, some crafty competitors decide to bring the game indoors and shrink it to a table sport. Over time, players continued to tweak and tinker with the rules, eventually bringing us the game we know as pool today.

That same spirit of craftiness is alive and well on our 6 fine-crafted Brunswick Metro 8-foot tables, perfect for the novice and shark alike. So call your shots, or maybe call the bartender for another drink–just make sure to call your friends before you come.


Henry VIII sent more British men to their deaths for treason than any other monarch in history (he was a little paranoid). But he also gave life to one of our best gaming traditions. After he suffered a serious wound to his leg while jousting, he became obsessed with shuffleboard (it required significantly less movement). Citizens followed the king’s lead and the game took off.

At its height, shuffleboard was on par with boxing and baseball in terms of popularity. At 710 we bring it back to life with 4 beautifully crafted 14-foot Brunswick Andover tables. Pairs with: coconut shrimp, buffalo chicken dip.