With the weather cooling down, you’ll need to start thinking about taking your dates inside. While all of the outdoor activities are certainly fun, you don’t always have to do something outside for your dates, especially with colder weather starting. Unfortunately, it may be a little harder to find something indoors to do. This list of activities can help you find something fun to do, even when it’s chilly outside.


With football season starting, sports bars are starting to get more popular. There’s nothing more fun than watching the big game at a place with all of your friends and significant other. A good sports bar offers entertainment and food for everyone involved. Many sports bars also provide alternative forms of entertainment in the shape of bowling, pool, or darts. These can be great avenues for a light and casual evening full of great activities.


Take a moment and think about all of the tourist attractions near you. Have you been to see all of them? Sometimes, it’s fun to visit all of the tourist attractions you haven’t seen before. Many of these attractions have indoor portions that you can take advantage of during the cooler weather, and they are typically more fun than you might think. Ask your date which tourist attractions he or she hasn’t seen and spend some time exploring to get a sense of why people want to visit your city.


While many ice skating rinks are found outdoors only during the winter, there are also plenty of indoor rinks. Ice skating is a classic colder weather pastime, and it’s one you won’t want to pass up. This activity makes for a fun and casual date night that don’t have to brave the cold for. The best part is that after skating, you can take some time and grab a cup of hot chocolate.


Although it sounds cliché, the classic dinner and a movie date is perfect for the winter season. There’s nothing better than eating at your favorite restaurant together and then getting cozy at the theater to see the next hit superhero movie. It’s one of the more relaxed indoor dates, but it’s a cliché for a reason. Getting dinner and seeing a movie together are perfect activities for long-time friends or significant others.


A lot of community classes start up during the fall season and continue through the winter. Fortunately, most of these classes are perfect for dates and most of them take place indoors. Subjects range from cooking classes to painting classes and the possibilities are endless. Take a look at some of the community classes available near you and talk to your significant other to see what sounds most interesting. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons together.

Grow Closer

No matter what activity you choose to do on your date nights, remember to make each night fun and memorable. It’s most important that you grow closer to your date and have fun while doing it. The winter weather doesn’t have to put a halt on all of your date nights, and it doesn’t have to keep you confined to your home. In fact, the opposite is true. Colder weather provides you the perfect opportunity to find new things to do as a couple.